It's my City

Toy Windmill addresses universities as gate-keeping entities that allow entry to some and not to others. Gate turnstiles manifest this system of access. Toy Windmill transforms a turnstile from the UFS into an object that’s part toy part creature: open, familiar and playful. The giant windmill is colourfully animated with 10,000 smaller windmills, capturing individuals’ hopes and dreams.

The three installations representing their various communities where Toy Windmill by Miné Kleynhans located on the UFS campus, Mother Tree by Tshiamo Arts and Crafts Development on Mapikela Square in Batho and Baby Giraffe by Marius Jansen van Vuuren on Hoffman Square. On the last day of the festival the works were brought together on the centrally-situated Macufe terrain. This transpired by means of a festive parade, and, after sunset, the installations were burned in a ceremonial manner. At all three installations, the communities of origin delivered inputs by means of voluntary work or attached wishes.

It’s My City was part of the Free State’s Human Project that develops initiatives to promote transformation and cultural insight and to encourage the appreciation of others. It’s My City was presented by the UFS and the Free State Arts Festival with the Australian Programme for Innovation and Artform Development (PIAD). The project was planned by the UFS in collaboration with the British artist, Alex Rinsler, and was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.