Richmond Land Art Project

Miné Kleynhans has contributed to the Richmond Land Art project since its onset in 2013. She serves in the capacity of project coordinator and facilitator alongside Prof. Willem Boshoff and various staff members from the Fine Art Department.

Since 2013 first year students from UFS’s Fine Art department have been travelling to Richmond in the Northern Cape to participate in a Land Art project facilitated collaboratively between the UFS and Modern Arts Project (MAP). The project offers students a unique and extensive learning experience under guidance of internationally acclaimed artist Willem Boshoff. Over the years interdisciplinary awareness of the Karoo landscape has been encouraged by the attendance of various academic specialists in the fields of archaeology, palaeontology and botany as well as visiting artistic professionals. The MAP centre hosts students and staff members while also offering the chance to view an expansive gallery that includes one of South Africa’s largest collections of contemporary art. The initiative challenges students to far go limiting pre-conceived notions about art early in their studies which has a notable and far reaching impact on their artistic development.